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I'm sure I could find plenty to write about but after updating Parke's scrapbook for 2 hours today I thought I would just post my iPhone pic's that capture some of my favorite times. On the baby girl news...I am nesting at time but in a different way. There are a few things that have to be done every day or I get a little on edge...like sanitize the sponge, clean the sink and countertops, all dishes put away at night so I start the day fresh (which always happened anyway...do you know who I live with). See, they are just little but they kind of drive me crazy when they aren't done. We are also going through our little minds to see how exactly we are going to fit baby girl and all her "things" in this house. I'm actually excited to stay here and have our family expand in this house. I'm excited to see it work and be flexible and a little "out of sorts" with it all. We'll figure it out...no biggie. We are almost decided on her first name but middle name is a tough one! Any help is welcome. Oh yeah, and she's growing...and I'm growing. 

Sick Baby with Hand Foot Mouth. He felt miserable.

Ice Cream treat because he has Hand Foot Mouth...he is dancing to music as well.

Just woke up from his nap. He likes to cuddle for a while after. 

This is not posed. Both boys working on electronics...same exact pose!

Parke will do anything to "shave" like daddy. This is a bath toy with a motor. He walks around shaving.

He loves to put shoes on and has recently advanced to 2 shoes at the same time!

Let's read to the animals! We sometimes sit on a blanket to read. It makes it a little more fun somehow.

I don't know but this happens often.
Painting. He loves this.

Donut date with Mom. Turns out, he doesn't care for donuts.

He told me he was "hiding". 

At the Dallas Aquarium. We were in the tunnel under the water!

That's about all! Fun little pic's to capture our every day "blink" moments. I love this boy!

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